About Us

Claret Wood Designs was started by Michael Bihler with the vision of creating fine handcrafted writing instruments made from domestic and exotic woods and from a variety of colorful acrylics. The interest in working with wood quickly expanded into shaping beads and barrettes. The beads and shapes are all hand created by Michael, and his wife, Nancy, designs and turns them into the finished jewelry pieces and barrettes. We use high quality jewelry findings, genuine gemstones and French-made clips to create lightweight and unique wearable art that will last.  Our wooden jewelry and unique products make great gifts for 5th Wedding Anniversary or any occasion.

Michael added leather belts to his collection upon the suggestion of a craft show sponsor.  He quickly learned about the finest American and British leathers and gets the hides from some of the best tanneries.  He cuts all belts from single pieces of leather, with no fillers.